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Protecting patient privacy and keeping your information secure are among our biggest priorities. This section will help you understand what information we ask for and why.

To create a CareForceMD account, you must provide a few pieces of basic information about yourself. When you book an appointment through CareForceMD, we pass along this information to your Healthcare Provider on your behalf.

If you wish to benefit from other Services we provide, you can choose to share additional information with CareForceMD. Our Privacy Policy details how we may use, share, and maintain the information that you voluntarily share with CareForceMD, which may include, without limitation, your name, address, social security number and contact information, insurance information, medical history and current medical needs, billing information, and other information (collectively, “Personal Information”).

By submitting such information, you authorize CareForceMD, its employees, its agents and others operating on its behalf to use and/or disclose such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please review the Privacy Policy carefully, as your use of the Services constitutes your agreement to it.


You may elect to enter information into a medical history form (“Medical History Form”) on behalf of yourself or a third party from whom you have authorization to provide such information. You can request (and in doing so, authorize) CareForceMD to provide this information to your chosen Healthcare Provider. You acknowledge and agree that such information will be reviewed and approved by you or someone authorized by you at the time of your appointment to ensure its accuracy. You also acknowledge that CareForceMD may use the data or information you provide in a Medical History Form in accordance with our Privacy Policy.